In Cappadocia, where the unique examples of Central Anatolian cuisine are found, the first test kebab stands out. Testi Kebab is cooked in the Avanos pottery and as much as the taste of the presentation is just as good. Dıvıl, one of the most beautiful bulgur dishes of the region, is kneaded with boiled potatoes and bulgur and fried in small meatballs. If we want to talk about sweet tastes, we are coming to Dolaz and Köftür. Dolaz, which is a flour halva of Cappadocia region made with egg and walnut. Only grape molasses are used instead of sugar to taste. Grape varieties collected in vintage time, molasses, fruit leather and the most popular tastes are made among the meatballs. This flavor is also called Anatolian Jelly. Another interesting flavor is the dry creamer, which looks wafer and quite different from the classic cream.